online training
Training with Blue Shoes Fitness means more than just receiving a great exercise program.
Your online training membership will include:

  • custom 52 week exercise program including complete workouts and  progressions/variations

  • personalized nutrition plan with macronutrient guidelines e-book

  • monthly Skype video calls to assess progress and determine new workouts 

  • training app to track your workout progress/receive new workouts

  • access to dozens of exercise demonstration videos in training app

  • email support from your trainer for all of your questions, updates, or ideas

  • invitations to members-only local events and meet-ups

Additional benefits and freebies:

- cardio options to increase endurance, improve heart rate recovery, and stabilize breathing


- "Lunch and Learn"  short video lessons on weight-loss, fitness myths, nutrition tips, etc.


- exclusive member forums to post/read FAQs, success stories, and encouragement boards 

Ready to take your next step toward moving and feeling better?